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TERMS AND CONDITIONS - For Art Direction, Graphic Design and Conceptual Work:

  • Concepts and Designs of projects/artworks will commence only once our quote/invoice is accepted and signed off, or an email has been sent by the client to either of the email addresses (supplied on our Quotes or Invoices) to confirm the quote or invoice and it’s procedures. Accepting our quote/invoice via email means you, the client, accept the terms and conditions on the quote/invoice given to you.

  • The design and concept developement rate, when working with Blanc Canvas Collective, is set at R480.00 per hour.

  • A 50% deposit is to be paid into the supplied bank account (details supplied on our quote/invoice) before any project is started. Proof of payment is to be sent via email to the person from Blanc Canvas Collective that you have been dealing with, unless otherwise discussed (email details supplied on our quote/invoice).

  • Minimum rate per item or element is charged @ R480.00 per hour or per job. This condition is relevant in Developing Concepts, in Art Direction and when Designing.

  • One change allowed per item, after which DTP charges will be made @ R390.00 per hour for all extra changes until final artwork has been completed & signed off.

  • Any meetings or deliveries that are arranged by the client (within the duration of a project / job) that is further than 15 Kilometres from a Blanc Canavas Collective offices will be charged at R30.00 per arrangement.

  • A minimum of 5 to 7 working days will be needed to complete agreed upon projects / jobs. These dealines / lead-times may differ and can be discussed and may vary per new project or job.

  • Whilst all care is taken in checking The Blanc Canvas Collective's Files/Artworks/Documents for errors, that may reduce the quality of your project, Blanc Canvas Collective accepts no responsibility for files that have spelling or grammar errors so please check your project before approving artwork.

  • All products/goods/artwork produced by Blanc Canvas Collective will remain the property and Intellectual Property of Blanc Canvas Collective until the amount owing for the project (as seen on your Quote/Invoice) has been received and paid in full. You are not to use any design material, concepts, goods, artwork given to you during the project or recreate the artwork and concepts until the full amount owing for the project has been paid.

  • Interest may be charged at prime +3% on late payments or accounts overdue.

  • Invoices and quotes have been based on discussions with the client and information submitted to us by the client. If there are any variations in concepts or designs after the approval of the Invoice/Quote, Concept or Art Direction a price change may be subjected.

  • Blanc Canvas Collective's invoices and quotes are subject to our "Standard Trading Terms & Conditions" a copy of which is available on request.

  • Blanc Canvas Collective's hourly rates, for either Design, Conceptual Work, Art Direction, Maintenance or DTP, are subject to change without prior notice.

  • C.O.D.   • Strictly nett.

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